plaCMOS project is developing powerful integration technology that will allow an eight-fold increase in the speed of optical transceivers used in datacenters. plaCMOS relies on small-proximity wafer scale integration of novel ferroelectric-based plasmonic-photonic modulators, silicon germanium photodetectors and BiCMOS electronics combined in a super-fast, micrometer-scale optical engine capable of transmitting and receiving data at world’s fastest speed of 200 Gbit/s per optical channel.

The project is performing multidisciplinary research extending from novel materials to plasmonic-photonic devices, high-speed electronics and transceiver modules in order to deliver a fully functional solution complying with industry standards while surpassing performance expectations. Driven by user needs, plaCMOS aims to bridge innovative research with near-market exploitation, paving the way for next generation Tbit/s transceivers in monolithic chips.

plaCMOS is a research project on photonic integration, supported by the Horizon2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Commission. The three-year project started officially on December 1, 2017 and brings together seven leading European companies, research centers and universities.

Latest news

plaCMOS kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of plaCMOS took place on 9-10 January 2018 in Roskilde, Denmark. The meeting was hosted and organized by Mellanox at its Danish site.

plaCMOS in social media

plaCMOS social media accounts are up and running. Login to plaCMOS Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to keep track of latest news and project-related topics.